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My name is Hardtrance, or Sir Hardtrance, and I have been playing poker on and off roughly since 1985. I started out with 5-card draw and then later NLH and the occasional Omaha. I have been playing a lot pf “training”-poker on the various computers up through the 80’s and 90’s, moving on to live poker around 2001. I started playing Hold’em around 1998, when Poker Champs was still around. ┬áThen I moved along all the other sites, from Party poker, Stars and about 60 or 70 other smaller sites. Today I play mainly on 888, with the occasional jump to Stars if there is some kind of big event.

I play micro/low stakes poker, but I have been up playing some 100$ SnGs, and in the beginning I played NL200 cash game. Today my focus is on MTTs and some SnGs, mostly DoNs.

I love playing live poker and have been playing a lot of DAPT tours, especially in season 1, where I came 5.th overall out of more than 3000 players, Could possibly have been a bit higher if it was not for the lovely 3 week vacation we were on, being the one in top 30 who had played the fewest tournaments.

When I play I play old skool, meaning no sunglasses, hats or hoodies down my eyes and no headphones. I tried it once, it was horrible.

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